As hi-fi tuning specialists we can offer you first-class loudspeaker vibration absorbers and hi-fi separates absorbers for all kinds of devices and weight classes.
You often find spikes on loudspeakers and sub-woofers that are intended to “couple” the speaker to their support. With unstable floors such as laminate or parquet flooring, this results in an audible reduction in sound quality. For loudspeakers, sub-woofers and all high-end separates we thus prefer using hi-fi vibration absorbers to decouple the unit.

Highly effective sorbothane absorbers

We have developed our own process to eliminate vibrations that can harm your sound: MLA-Technology (Multi Layer Adjustment). This involves the use of several carefully matched absorbent materials such as cork, rubber and Sorbothane absorber. Arranged in layers, these absorbent materials permit the filtering of a range of different frequency spectrums. Because of its own greater weight, a sub-woofer absorber requires a different resonator than a power supply unit. We can offer you a varied choice of different absorbent materials, allowing you to eliminate up to 90 percent of all intrusive vibrations, avoiding read errors and thus achieving an optimal sound. Read our customer reviews on the subject and you will be convinced!

High-end tuning for a natural sound

We have been working in the field of high-end equipment for more than ten years and would like to give music fans the opportunity of acquiring high-value products that provide a unique world of sound at an affordable price. We stock vibration absorbers, separates bases, analogue accessories and tuning for LINN LP12 and THORENS TD Tuning that we have developed and manufactured ourselves. Speaker units fitted with spikes tend to suffer an audible deterioration in sound with even the slightest instability of the floor. Rubber dampers for loudspeakers do not absorb the vibrations as well as resonance dampers for loudspeakers made from sorbothane. We equip our products with this material as it has excellent damping qualities. We combine sorbothane with bTec, a material of our own devising, to specifically filter low frequencies.