Antipodes Audio

Antipodes Audio is located at Raumati Beach, in New Zealand, and the term ‘the Antipodes’ refers to our corner of the world.

The word Antipodes means two polar opposite things and the English labelled Australia and New Zealand ‘the Antipodes’ because we are at the other end of the world from them. The word when pronounced has four syllables, an-tip-o-des, not an-ti-podes, and is pronounced more like this an-tip-uh-deez.

Antipodes Audio began in 2004, selling cables worldwide, using wire we manufacture ourselves, all-cotton insulation, and radically different cable geometries. Our music servers launched in 2011. Today, our music server business and our cable business operate independently, with separate management and separate channels to market.

The emphasis is on sound quality, with a preference for achieving openness and immediacy, without any hint of unnatural aggression. This is what we hear when we listen to real music and we believe it lets the music speak for itself.