Ansuz Acoustics – Mainz8 D-TC SUPREME


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The Ansuz D·TC SUPREME Power Switch Box reflects another quantum leap in audio technology. The D·TC SUPREME Power Switch Box is heavily equipped with Ansuz technologies. Configuring your streaming network according to our guidelines, this top model will not only enormously benefit the quality of the streaming output but also advance the audio potential of the entire music system.


The Ansuz PowerSwitches are LAN/Ethernet switches which epitomize a pioneering approach to both noise cancellation and signal distribution in High End streaming networks.

The quality of musical streaming performance – either from a storage unit or from one of the streaming services is not only contingent upon the quality of your individual network streamer integrated in your audio system but also on the upstream network technology.
Via the World Wide Web, the network streamer is exposed to all kinds of noisy electronics such as computers, routers, switches, etc. – where the noise floor does not matter in the same way as it does in audio streaming. And, since the Ethernet is a floating network, there is no ground connection to drain out the noise floor. So, the challenge is to get the audio data stream as clean and low noise as possible before it gets into the actual streamer.

available in EU or US configuration