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The audio control center corresponding to 6ch input.

It carries each one RCA/XLR at a time two lines and a six-channel output-terminal for 6ch input terminal.

The VRV (Variable Rate Volume) digital electronic volume of 214 steps is adopted as a volume per 0.5dB, and the volume can be controlled to it like an analog volume. Moreover, the structure strong against secular change of a contact has realized the operation stabilized for a long period of time.

The input selector in which a special NetWare program is possible is carried.

The electromagnetic switch which enclosed inert gas is adopted, it is strong to oxidization, and the low distorted signal changeover is enabled, without raising a poor contact over a long period of time.

The uniform illumination structure by the optical diffusion fiber which improved the visibility without spoiling an appearance design is adopted as a fluorescent-light display device.

Wireless remote control is attached.