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CD8t S


CD8 was designed in 2012, and is the last evolution in time of a long series of Métronome CD Players.
Both converter and CD Player, it’s an amazing versatile product that adapts to your music practises : Cd reading of course, but overall a remarkable DAC including USB and S/P DIF inputs (CD8 S).

CD8 is available in two versions, that you may choose according to your music preferences and listening practises :

Models “S” are more like DAC rather than CD players, reading both PCM and native DSD. Solid-state or tube output available. Here the DAC can be plugged through USB or S/P DIF inputs.

Having a high front plate, CD8 is available in Silver Aluminum and Black finishing, both of the highest elegance



Pickup mechanism :
Philips CDM12 PRO 2 v 6.8 customized, with Delrin® CD puck

Resolution :
CD8 : 24 bits / 192 kHz delta-sigma technology, 2 internal converter chips
CD8 S : 32 bits / 384 kHz dual mono technology, 1 converter chip

Digital inputs :
Asynchronous USB type B (24/192 on CD8 Signature and CD8t Signature, 32/384 on CD8 S)
S/P DIF 75 Ohms RCA connector (on CD8 S only)

Digital output :
S/P DIF 75 Ohms RCA connector RCA (except on CD8 S)

Analogic outputs :
Unbalanced 2.5 V RMS @0dB – 47 kOhms, RCA connectors
Balanced 2.5 V RMS @0dB – 600 Ohms, RCA connectors

Power supply :
3 toroidal transformers with Schaffner filteres, 7 independent regulation lines
Voltage : 100 – 120/240 V – 50/60 Hz

Accessories :
Métronome remote
Delrin cone feet

Other characteristics :
Consumption : 40 VA
Dimensions (LxHxP): 450 x 115 x 435 mm
Weight : 12 Kg