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Coliseum Premium 240C Tab Tension 234×132 16:9


today’s most complete tab-tensioned motorized screen


The Coliseum Premium is today’s most complete tab-tensioned motorized screen. Its material offers a perfect colorimetry and a large field of vision. Its opaque black back allows an installation in front of a window and its black borders improve the contrast level. A fine adjustment of the lateral tension ensures a perfect material flatness. The fast and safe attachment system allows an installation on wall, ceiling or suspended. This fastening system has a large latitude for brackets placement: an important advantage for specific installations. It uses a Somfy tubular motor, reliable and quiet. Its control interface includes an integrated infra red command (with a fine adjustment system for the screen material positioning), a provided deported sensor (allowing the casing to be slot in), a trigger input and a RS232 interface for home automation.