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Crystal Cable Loudspeaker Arabesque Master Glass set

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A loudspeaker made of glass! This is certainly not a design concept that would appear obvious to most and it is very much a topic that would have the more cynical among us sharpening their knives. Why make it at all? Glass loudspeakers have been attempted before, some achieving relative success and others disappearing as quickly as their cabinets.One of the obstacles facing loudspeaker manufacturers is to achieve performance without creating monolithic obstacles in the home. In recent years it should be said that a small number of manufacturers have achieved addressing domestic acceptability with their products, but not one has achieved the trick of making their product disappear. Well Gabi has almost made the Crystal Glass Master disappear. Make a loudspeaker cabinet out of glass and the physical imposition upon any domestic environment is tremendously reduced.

To assist with total control of bass frequencies the narrow section of the cabinet has a slotted vent, allowing for the natural dispersion of superfluous energy. A further benefit of the COMSOL software and its results in determining the correct structure for the Glass Master is the absolute minimal requirement for internal damping, most definitely of huge benefit when dealing with a visually transparent enclosure. Drive unit configuration is 3 x specially modified Scan-Speak Illuminator mid/bass complemented by the Serbian RAAL ribbon tweeter that has an upper limit of 100kHz, a range normally associated with a super tweeter. Visual neatness is further retained by housing the crossover within the stainless steel base of the loudspeaker.

The sum of the parts for these visually striking, yet simultaneously unimposing loudspeakers is an incredibly natural and expansive sound. Rated at sensitivity of 95dB might suggest an easy ride but the Glass Master benefits tremendously from amplification with a healthy power output as impedance is rated nominally at 4 ohms, with a minimum of 2.8 ohms