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Dynaudio Focus 30 XD Rosewood High Gloss



Dynaudio Focus 30XD

Dynaudio has repeatedly redefined the floor standing loudspeaker for decades – and now with 3x 150 watt built-in amplifiers totaling 450W – Focus 30 XD, it has happened again. The MSP bass and mid range drivers and the 28mm tweeter of the Focus XD series have also been used here. This ensures the ultimate authority, speed and precision! Quality in top form!

Complete system

The Focus XD series is a complete hi-fi system … without the stack of hi-fi devices of a complete hi-fi system. These high-end active speakers bring true high-resolution wireless streaming from every conceivable source to your home.

Digital signal

Send in a digital signal (wired or wireless), and it stays that way until the last possible moment – meaning it stays pure, all the way from the recording studio to the speaker.

Highest quality streams

Running the music is with the very latest digital processing technology that can handle full, 24-bit / 192kHz hi-res files.

Mix & Match

All speakers in the Dynaudio Focus XD and XEO range share common controls and connections, so if you want to mix and match different models from the range, you can do so. There’s digital coaxial on and off, plus analog input (with adjustable sensitivity), as well as a seven-position circuit for fine-tuning the placement of the speakers in your room.


And if you add the Dynaudio Connect box, you get digital optical, another digital coaxial and RCA and 3.5mm analog inputs – plus mini USB (which can stream 24-bit / 96 kHz files), aptX Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity including DLNA. As long as stock lasts, a free Chrome cast Audio is also included for streaming Connect, Tidal, Qobuz, YouTube and many others.

Not outdated

The Focus XD’s firmware can be upgraded if technicians consider it necessary. The previous generation sounds exactly the same as the current generation! In fact, that’s exactly what happened with the latest software update. They have managed to extract more volume from the drivers without distortion or compression. And because fewer processes are taking place, they have been able to use more in the EQ for even better speaker position compensation. They’ve also included engineering from our LYD pro studio monitors that allow you to adjust the overall brightness with a switch on the back.

  • Wireless high-end speaker
  • Compact Size
  • 450 watt amplifier power
  • Speaker Position EQ control
  • Remote control