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Euphoria Speakers


High End Luxury speakers Euphoria in version stereo 2.0, which have the option to be upgraded to a surround 7.1 or surround 5.1. A unique one and a quarter-band structure is using the ideal characteristics of a very high sensitive full-range driver, which is complemented by a powerful bass woofer. This design features a great amount of details, excellent localization of instruments and spaciousness of music with powerful bass overtones.

It is suitable both for listening a high-quality stereo 2.0, HiFi, High Fidelity, and for home cinema surround 7.1 or surround 5.1 , which will bring the ultimate listening experience full of details.


Because of the ability to adjust the ratio of bass content to the full-range drivers, High End speakers Euphoria are the best to listen across the entire spectrum of musical genres. This Luxury speakers also allows a compensation of acoustic parameters due to the placement of the speaker in any listening space.


The unique construction design of High End speakers Euphoria takes advantage of ideal attributes of a full range driver, which features detailed recitation, outstanding spaciousness and localization of instruments. Euphoria speakers are also equipped with powerful and highly sensitive fifteen inch woofer speaker driver.
Dividing frequency 150Hz for woofer driver is selected as low as possible with a regard to the physiology of human hearing, which in higher frequencies is sensitive on phase shift signals, which is caused by frequency crossover. From the frequency of 150Hz to 22KHz plays upper full-range driver, there is no crossover used in the signal.

Originality of solution, optimization of baffle without any construction design compromises, based on amount of tests, we have created speakers, which bring indescribable detailed listening with powerful bass component.


  • Setting the balance ratio of bass content to the five levels
    • Pure – maximum details
    • Balanced – balanced listening
    • Defined + 1dB – a slight predominance of bass
    • Defined + 2dB – a medium predominance of bass
    • Defined +3dB – a strong predominance of bass
  • Stereo Version 2.0
  • Extending Surround 5.1
  • Extending Surround 7.1
  • The color and the type of artificial leather up on customer request
  • The choice of 4 types of wood and five different shades of varnish
    • Oak
    • Ash
    • Cherry
    • Amercian nut
  • Double speaker spike unconventional system using real wood spheres 35 mm

Technical Parameters

  • Full-range Driver
    • Dimensions 8”
    • Sensitivity of 98dB/1W
    • Qts 0,19
  • Bass speaker Driver / woofer
    • Dimensions 15”
    • Sensitivity of 101 dB/ 1W
    • Qts 0.29
  • Total available power 300W
  • Selectable sensitivity of woofer’s performance in 5 levels
  • Front and rear face is made of 40 mm thick solid wood
  • The body of speaker is made of special Ultra-HDF
  • Frequency crossover only for woofer driver
  • Dividing crossover of frequency switch 150Hz
  • Gold plated terminals BI-AMPING
  • The baffle is divided to separate each speaker driver.
  • The perimeter of the sidewall is coated with an absorbing material, which isolates vibrations of the baffle.
  • High End speakers Euphoria can also be fitted with other types of full range drivers, such as Voxativ, Lowther, SonidoFostex, Enviee, etc.


Height: 93 cm

Height: 93 cm

Width: 51 cm

Depth: 48 cm

Weight: 45 kg