GALACTRON MK-2250 Class AB Integrated Amplifier


Pricing includes delivery to any destination that supports 220v-240v


Available a Mint condition in black with all accessories and original packaging


Hit a wall with triodes? Had enough with efficient class D deficiencies? The 2250 has sacrificed nothing for its rich composition of texture, its full and warm sound, its shocking insight on music you love or its power to initiate you in music you missed till now… A strong taste of the 2280 flagship.

Amplifier designed in solid-state technology class AB.

The power structure is been realized with the aid of a toroidal transformer

power supply from well 320VA and a filtering system total of 100,000 UF well,

to ensure that even the most challenging demands can be met.

This includes the use of two selected pairs of MOSFET from about 20Ah per channel.

This configuration is obtained by utilizing a low value of output resistance and a high availability of current, providing remarkable control in the way the articulation and the relative content of information within the same spectrum.

The sound is very similar to that of amplifiers with vacuum tube technology, obtaining great consistency across the entire sound spectrum and high lighting the significant potential for analysis of micro-and-macro- detail of the musical content.

Innovative new drivers in pure class”A” gives a great increased quality, control and harmonic richness.

The final stage is characterized by a substantial increasing trend in terms of current demand transient dynamic, in fact, is capable of almost doubling its power to halving the resistive value of the load applied without any limitation in current.

The stadium management inputs is divided in five sections RCA line, allowing the end user to use multiple devices in connection and handle differently,

MK-2250 has a switch back with the task of feeding the whole machine and ensure the proper operating temperature, before activating the front button, the timing of the output muting and you can listen to the same amplifier.

The last point concerns the placement in the same environment. It is important to ensure good ventilation on the whole surface of the amplifier, because the internal temperature on same heat sinks as part of the power stage has an optimal operating temperature of 60° C.

If the temperature were to exceed this, the thermal protection would come into operation, unhooking the entire power system for the purpose of protecting the amplifier and any speakers that might be connected to it.

In conclusion, the significance of the interconnectivity of the individual assets must not be overlooked. The wiring is made from silver-plated copper provided by Wireworld – a master in the world of hi-end electrical connections.

This is a magnificent system for ensuring quality connections for both signals and power.

The contacts that bind this system are treated with Rhodium to ensure the preservation of synergy and quality musical content.