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Grund-Modul Component Base


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  • Grund-Modul
  • Grundfläche 82 cm x 71 cm, Gewicht ca. 30 kg

Modular Component Base

This component base was developed  according to 3 premises:
  1. Minimising vibrations in the load-bearing system:

    Both the 3 supporting pillars and the  T-shaped reinforcement are filled with sand with defined flow properties. O-rings are installed on all flanges.
    Outstanding suppressant effect when listing at high sound pressure levels.

  2. Maximum structure-borne noise decoupling of the audio components in combination with mechanical coupling:

    The base levels which are structured according to the asymmetrical multi-layer method of our sound converter tone bases, are decoupled from the load-bearing system by a dampened 3-point mount. Sensitive components in particular benefit from structure-borne noise decoupling through thehigh-mass levels.

  3. Maximum adaptability to various audio components:

    The stainless steel support system has a modular structure: different heights of the individual pillar elements make a rack possible for any conceivable combination of audio components.  The usable space on the levels is very generous at 50 cm x 60 cm – large and heavy power stages are safely supported, stable and free of vibrations.
    The supporting feet are equipped with a large, fine thread so the component base can be levelled – important for operating a record player.

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