Linn Karousel LP12 Bearing Upgrade


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This is New – open box (back out buyer) This is the Newest version. This upgrades the previous Sondek LP12 version.

Product Description

Linn Karousel LP12 bearing upgrade is a precision-engineered single-point bearing designed to upgrade your Sondek LP12 with smoother rotation and improved stability.

Product of Innovation

Drawing on their original bearing design but implementing technological advancements in material science, technical engineering and machining developments has made the development of the Karousel possible.The Karousel bearing reduces friction, and will give your turntable a greater lifespan for years of incredibly accurate listening.

Stainless Steel

The Karousel is constructed using stainless steel which provides greater stability and stronger coupling. This steel material used in the new design strengthens the previously weak lock-nut fastening. Innovations to the bearing’s design ensure a far smoother rotation which improves sound performance.

Stronger housing

Enhancements to the base of the bearing include a stronger housing for the thrust pad, and combined with a smaller, stiffer form improves musical reproduction by supporting the vital area that supports the platter rotation and mass. This results in a more accurate and detailed vinyl playback whilst lowering the noise floor of the turntable.