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Magico subwoofer Q SUB 18 M-cast colors


Driver Complement:
2 x 18″ (45.72cm) Bass Drivers
Sensitivity: 90dB
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency Response:
15 Hz – 150 Hz
Onboard digitally-controlled active crossover
4000W (6000W for 230V) Amplifier

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Built around the renowned Q platform, the Q-Subs set new standards in low frequency sound reproduction. Capable of delivering 136 dB sound pressure level with less than 1% total harmonic distortion at 20Hz[i], the message is simple: if you think you have heard low frequencies before, think again.

According to Magico CEO and chief designer Alon Wolf, “Bass has never been heard like this before. For the first time, low frequencies can be produced with unprecedented clarity.”

The Q-Sub-18 weighs over 550 lbs. and has massive power handling capability of 8,000W, delivering thundering low frequencies that are fast, pure, and devastatingly accurate.

As these images illustrate, most conventional subwoofers fail to address the biggest problem in reproducing low frequencies: enclosure warping.

Due to the enormous sound pressure buildup, the pliable walls of typical enclosures absorb a tremendous portion of the energy generated by the drivers, leading to distortion and massive group delay (smearing). The Q-Sub can reach an internal sound pressure level of up to 175dB – the equivalent of a commercial jet at takeoff – with less than 1% displacement of common enclosures.

Pictured at right is the Q-Sub 18 internal frame and speakers.

Inset: Alon Wolf with the Q-Sub 18 and Q7MkII.