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Musical Fidelity M6SCD player


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The Musical Fidelity M6scd is a superb CD player featuring a 32 bit DAC with 192 kHz upsampling that delivers an excellent musical.

The M6scd comes with multiple digital inputs, making it a phenomenal stand-alone DAC. Both Coax (RCA) digital inputs work up to 24 bit 192 kHz while the Optical (Toslink) and asynchronous USB input works up to 24 bit 96 kHz. It also has digital outputs on both Coax (RCA) and Optical (Toslink).

The M6scd offers outstanding sound quality, excellent disc playback and world-class performance. Combining excellent sound, good looks and a wide range of digital inputs, it is an excellent addition to your system.

DAC/Digital bits 192khz upsampling/32 bit
Sockets Inputs:
2 x digital coaxial audio inputs (via RCA/phono)
2 x digital optical audio inputs (via toslink)
USB socket
12v trigger outOutputs:
Stereo line out (via 2 x RCA/phono)
Balanced stereo line out (via 2 x XLR)
Digital coaxial audio output (via RCA/phono)
Digital optical audio output (via toslink)
12v trigger in
W x H x D (mm) 440 x 125 x 385
Weight (kg) 11.2