Q Acoustics have achieved a level of performance that would normally be out of many Hi-Fi fans’ reach with the Concept 40 floorstanding loudspeakers. Their innovative Gelcore™ construction method has been the driving force behind the Concept’s remarkably impressive detail which will leave you both smitten with the sound and pleasantly astonished at how much they cost.

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Two powerful magnets in each speaker behind the bass woofers offer a wide dynamic range with lush soundtracks sounding even bigger through the Concept 40’s. Constructed to suit a more spacious listening environment, the Gelcore™ ‘sandwich’ technology – a pair of MDF sheets bound together by the acoustic enhancing Gelcore™ material – perform a brilliant job of keeping vibrations under firm control. It’s this type of thought process and low-cost way of tackling the resonance problem which keep the Concept 40 speakers a sensible price point with a musicality that’s normally reserved for speakers two and three times their price setting a new standard in audio achievement.

The Concept 40’s also come with an improved soft dome tweeter design by being decoupled from the aluminium front panel to prevent vibrations tarring those sweet high-end frequencies. An improved cross brace structure and an elegant tripod base platform also contribute to keeping these refined speakers perfectly rigid. Even the plush looking cable terminal posts have an effervescent quality about them which any audiophile would appreciate.

  • Cabinet uses Gelcore construction to reduce cabinet resonance
  • Aluminium facia plate with ‘butyl clamp’ further reduces cabinet resonance
  • Perfect rigidity from tripod stand enhances performance
  • 2 x 125mm bass/mid drivers, with powerful oversized magnets
  • 1 x 25mm dome tweeter, with high frequency de-coupler
  • Butyl rubber sheeting for the front panel to further filter out resonance