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TAD C600 Preamplifier in SIlver with Power supply



Available in Silver and in Excellent to Mint condition a TAD C600 amplifier with original packaging and accessories. This is 2012 model, great care was taken every time of usage in a dedicated listening room. No issues, no flaws.


Major Functions


Display Off

Mode setting: fine volume adjustment, volume display mode switching,

L/R balance adjustment, input level setting, auto power down setting

Input Terminals balanced input × 3, unbalanced input × 3

Output Terminals line: balanced output × 2, unbalanced output × 2

recording: balanced output × 1, unbalanced output × 1

Rated Output Voltage balanced output 1.5 V, unbalanced output 0.75 V

Maximum Output Voltage balanced output 20 Vrms, unbalanced output 10 Vrms

Rated Distortion 0.0015% (balanced output, 1.6V, 1kHz)

SN Ratio 120 dB (IHF-A, short circuit)

Frequency Response 10 Hz~100 kHz(‒1 dB)

Gain 12dB

Maximum Allowable Input Voltage (-40dB)

20V (balanced), 10V (unbalanced)


Power Supply Voltage

AC 220 V to 240 V, 50 Hz /60 Hz (Europe, Asia)

Power Consumption 52W

Power Consumption During Standby 0.5W or less

Dimensions main amplifier: 450 mm (W) × 150 mm (H) × 440 mm (D)

Power supply: 220mm (W) × 185 mm (H) × 430 mm (D)

Weight main amplifier: 29 kg

power supply unit: 15 kg