Vitus Sia 025 Integrated amp MK2 (230v) preowned


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available an excellent condition Sia025 from first owner.
packed ready for delivery.

from the manufacturer:

When we undertook the design and construction of the SIA-025 Mk.II, we knew that the task would be a formidable one if we were to preserve or even exceed the quality for which we are famous.

At its core was combining fully integrated circuitry in the same chassis as our legacy product, the SS-010, with no sacrifice in terms of size or noise. The technologies that this required already existed but had to be refined and optimised for their new roles.

Despite the inherent challenges, our design team refused to compromise upon the renowned Vitus Audio principles including the rule that no component is required to deliver more than 25% of that which it is capable of handling. This dramatically increases component longevity.