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Lumens WHITE LIGHT « Anniversary » & 1” Diamond Tweeter (incl. Crossover update )


Option 1” Diamond Tweeter (incl. Crossover update ) + € 8.800,‐‐ (included)
Option Special veneer finish – White Makassar HG + € 3.000,‐‐
Option Special veneer finish – Mango HG + € 2.200,‐‐
Option Special veneer finish – Wild Nut or Olive HG + € 1.000,‐‐

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90dB (91dB ‐ average value),
6 Ohm,
3 x 7.5“ Bass Cell,
1 x 5.5“ MD Cell‐ceramic,
1 x 1” HT Cell‐ceramic,
Airflow Damping System,
WBT‐NextGen: Bi‐Wire binding post,
Cabinet material: Resonance optimized instrument plywood;
Cabinet finish: French nut‐HG, Tineo‐HG, Maple‐HG;

drivers, cabinet, crossover and components designed, selected and matched for bestin- class spectrum fidelity, impulse precision, time- and phase-coherence, inter-octave energy balance, signal rise- and settling times and freedom from impulse-memory and signal-shadowing effects.

cabinet constructed from custom made, variable density, multiple tone-woods, instrument-grade plywood. acoustically superior to synthetic, metal and most solid wood enclosures due to its more balanced resonance-spectrum behavior and natural, psycho-acoustic sonic signature. available in numerous premium veneers and custom lacquer finishes.

latest generation, custom designed, advanced ceramic and ceradome driver array : one 1″ ceramic or diamond tweeter, one 5″ ceramic mid-range driver, three 7.5″ ceradome woofers.

all drivers featuring 3d, ideal-acoustic-center dome-geometry optimized for negligible impulse-delay and energy-storage effects. best-in-class, sonically “vanishing” spectrum profile when compared to alternative metal, plastic, polymer- and compound membrane technologies.

novel, next-generation “overhung” motor topology, outperforming prior art, over- and under-hung designs, in high linear excursion at significantly reduced distortion when compared to previous ultra-low distortion driver generations and competing high-end transducer designs.

new, advanced, extended cone excursion spider- and surround technologies eliminate the compression artifacts found at the excursion perimeters in alternative designs.

crossover: purist, proprietary, minimal phase design with best resource allocation custom tailoring of both drivers and x-over to the target performance envelope. switchable impedance correction for tube- and solid state amplification.