We are committed to achieving consistently high standards of service to our Customers and we firmly believe that quality improvements can best be achieved on the firm foundation of a quality system. It is therefore our intention:

1. To operate our business in accordance with Quality Management practices and thus be able to ensure our Customers obtain the standard of service specified and, where possible, that their needs and expectations are exceeded.

2. To nominate certain members of staff and charge them with the continuous examination and improvement of our procedures for Quality Assurance in consultation with employees, clients, joint venture partners, designers, sub-contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders, as applicable.

3. To comply as a minimum with all contractual and other requirements.

4. To ensure that adequate resources are made available in all areas.

5. To charge Top Management with the task of establishing and reviewing policy, objectives, targets and Quality Management System on a regular basis.

6. To provide appropriate training to ensure that all employees develop an understanding of the importance of quality in their work, to accept the need to employ only those working practices which will assure the required standard of quality and to raise the overall competency levels of the workforce.

7. To ensure a timely response to complaints from stakeholders.

8. To bring the contents of this policy to the attention of all employees and make it available when requested to interested parties. In order to achieve our Quality Policy we have set measurable objectives and improvement targets which will be reviewed systematically under our Management Review process


We consider that there is no more important goal for the company than the achievement of consistently high standards of health and safety. We are committed to the prevention of work related injury and ill-health and we consider it a priority to focus on the occupational health and safety of everyone who may be affected by our work activities. We will minimize health and safety risks by actively involving and consulting with our employees, partners and subcontractors in developing and sustaining a positive company-wide health and safety culture.

This will be achieved by the use of best practice health and safety management techniques, by strong leadership and demonstrable commitment to health and safety objectives and targets, employee representation and consultation with contractors on occupational health and safety matters, implementation of a health monitoring system for all of our employees and by compliance with health and safety legislation as a minimum standard. We are committed to the continual improvement of our health and safety performance and will ensure that across all our operations there is an appropriate management system in place.

This system will describe the organization and designated responsibilities for health and safety, the arrangements for planning and implementing the work necessary to prevent work-related injuries and ill-health (through the identification of hazards and the assessment and management of associated risks) and will set out the means for measuring and reviewing performance and auditing the management system. The implementation of our health and safety management system is a line management responsibility supported by functional specialists. It relies upon the competence, co-operation and commitment of all staff.

We will also confirm the presence of these arrangements to our supply partners. The Managing Directors, who has overall responsibility for this policy, will ensure the provision of adequate resources for its implementation and review and regularly assess its effectiveness in securing continuing improvement in the Company’s health and safety performance. The policy will be brought to the attention of all employees and persons working on behalf of the company and reviewed at least annually.


E.H. ECHOSAUDIO LTD warrants to the original purchaser that new products sold (the “Products”) are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of original purchase, unless a different period is otherwise expressly stated.

E.H Echosaudio’s LTD obligation under this warranty is expressly limited to supplying replacement parts, repairing, or replacing, at its sole option and/or after and if advised or instructed directly by the manufacturer of any product it represents.

Before any repair, replace or supply of any replacement part take place, defective product must be returned to basis (returning costs are not cover by this warranty), to E.H Echosaudio’s LTD main offices in Cyprus, where E.H Echosaudio’s LTD in its sole judgment and discretion will check the product and determine the problem.  This warranty does not include on-site service or removal and re-installation costs. Furthermore additional warranty maybe exist according to the manufacturer of a specific product.