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Dynaudio Confidence 60 Smoke High Gloss Speakers



Ultimate performance. Ultimate quality. Ultimate innovation. Get to know the new flagship of the most advanced loudspeaker series from Dynaudio.

Sometimes size really matters. The new Confidence 60 is the unmistakable flagship of the Confidence family. It clearly surpasses all previous Confidence models.

She stands by her size – a real hi-fi queen. And it sounds different from anything you’ve heard before. Have a seat.

Your ears will no doubt be enchanted by the amazing presence, the power and attention to detail of the music that comes out of Confidence 60. Your eyes, in turn, will likely soon rest on the aesthetic center of the system – the 28mm single Esotar3 fabric tweeter. It is flanked by the two 15 cm MSP midrange speakers with the Horizon beads. And then – the two 23 cm Neo Tec MSP woofers.

The chassis of this exceptional speaker are new developments. And they all belong to the next generation of our innovative DDC technology (Dynaudio Directive Control), with which we bring the music to where it should be heard. DDC focuses the sound waves emitted by a loudspeaker in a narrow vertical “beam”. In this way, unwanted reflections on the floor and ceiling are avoided. At the same time, the sound image remains as wide as possible in the horizontal. This means that you and your friends can enjoy a bigger sweet spot on the couch. And that in turn means: more listening pleasure for more people – and the certainty that the space does not stand in the way of the chassis.

The DDC Lens plays a crucial role in this technology ensemble – a carefully designed, milled aluminum wave guide that is integrated into the precision-made Complex baffle. This technically spectacular component is the end result of a development process that involved hundreds of hours of simulation, prototyping, and listening tests. Together with the baffle shape, the tweeter, the midrange speakers with the likewise new Horizon surround and the woofers, the DDC Lens ensures that the sound waves reach the goal they are talking about: your ears.

Ultimately, all components of the Confidence 60 work towards exactly this goal – even the seals that decouple the baffle from the housing and the screws with which all elements are mounted.

The 28 mm Esotar3 fabric tweeter represents the know-how from more than 40 years of development work at Dynaudio. Added to this are new insights from the development of the award-winning tweeter Esotar Forty. The result is the best tweeter we’ve ever created. A powerful neodymium magnet system, innovations in airflow guidance, the new, resonance-reducing Hexis inner dome – the sum of all these elements is a loudspeaker that is characterized by a detailed, clear and nuanced reproduction.

The heart of the 23 cm diameter Neo Tec woofer made of MSP is again a neodymium magnet system. Here, three-layer glass fiber bobbins ensure optimum rigidity. The voice coils themselves are made of copper – which means, compared to alternatives, that more movable mass is available. So this chassis can reproduce basses tighter, more powerful and at the same time more controlled. The entire drive system of the woofer was designed in such a way that it uses the air flow optimally with the help of an innovative new ventilation system, which was integrated directly into the magnet.

The completely redesigned MSP midrange drivers of the Confidence 60 clearly stand out from previous Dynaudio developments.

Your Horizon bead is characterized by a new shape. It follows the speaker diaphragm to the edge of the chassis. The first resonance mode of the bead is thus reduced; the entire playback area increases and the sound quality is improved. Since they are flush with the baffle, sound diffraction on the membrane and the adjacent tweeter are also reduced.

The concealed basket is also lighter than in the previous models and has a new, organic shape that was determined by extensive simulations for topology optimization. It increases the air flow, is characterized by stability and rigidity and at the same time reduces the weight without the performance suffering.

All these components are at home in a loudspeaker housing that is characterized by the same quality as high-quality Danish designer furniture – this has also been a hallmark of Dynaudio loudspeakers for a long time. Perfect performance – perfect quality.

  • 3 way speaker system
  • Frequency range (± 3 dB): 29 Hz – 22 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 87 dB (2.83 V / 1 m)
  • Power handling: 600 W.
  • Impedance: 4 Ω (minimum 3.7 Ω at 71 Hz)
  • Down fire bass reflex port
  • System consists of: 1x 28 mm Esotar3 tweeter, 2x 2 x 15 cm MSP midrange, 2x 23 cm MSP midrange
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 432 x 1679 x 517 mm
  • Weight: 66.2 kg