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Evolution Speakers – White Ash wood – Fostex color


High End speakers Evolution are designed for truthful stereo 2.0 listening. Luxury speakers Evolution are characterized by full details, excellent localization and spaciousness of musical instruments. Evolution speakers contain only one speaker driver with very high sensitivity and unique horn transline without any compromising details in its construction. HiFi, High Fidelity.



  • The color of the paint up on customer request
  • The color and the type of artificial leather up on customer request
  • The choice between 4 types of wood and five different shades of varnish
    • Oak
    • Ash
    • Cherry
    • Amercian nut
  • The choice of 8” full-range speaker driver (Voxativ, Lowther, Sonido, Enviee, Tang-bang, etc.)

Technical Parameters

  • Sensitivity based on the type of speaker driver used from 98dB to 110 dB.
  • Absence of frequency crossovers guarantees outstanding spaciousness and localization of instruments.
  • Connection terminals are positioned next to the speaker in order to get the shortest possible signal path.
  • Based on a request of a customer, we can place the speaker terminals on the rear side of the cabinet.
  • The cabinet is constructed by using 5D CNC milling cutter from special ultra strong HDF 25mm board
  • Horn baffle exponenciality is reached in all axes.
  • The front and the rear walls are coated by a isolation material, which absorbs unwanted vibrations.

Height: 180 cm

Width: 45 cm

Depth: 50 cm

Weight: 2 x 75 kg