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HE-560 Planar Magnetic Headphone


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Sense of Exuberance

 Ebony-decorated ear cups for a rich, classic look.

Lightweight & Comfortable

 HE560 is 30% lighter than comparable headphones allowing the listener to comfortably enjoy music for hours on end.

Power of the Magnetics

 Using single-ended drivers, HE560 delivers a lifelike soundstage and spatial imaging that HIFIMAN is known for. Its increased efficiency allows it to be driven with a modest size amplifier.

Advanced Sound Technology

 HIFIMAN, the leader in planar magnetic headphone technology, has done it again and redefined how good planar driver technology can be.

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency response: 15Hz-50KHz
  • Impedance:35 Ohm
  • Sensitivity:90 dB/mW
  • Weight: 13.3Oz (375g)